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For car batteries you can depend on, come to Xpress Tire & Auto Service.

There is nothing more annoying and frustrating than being stranded because your battery is dead. Let Xpress Tire keep you out of such a predicament with our many car battery services. We specialize in:

  • Servicing existing batteries- We’ll tighten loose hold-down clamps and terminals, remove corrosion, and check alternator belt wear and tension.
  • New Battery Installation- Xpress Tire will not only provide the finest car batteries, but we will have it installed right, and right away.
  • Charging System Diagnosis- Let our technicians get your battery and charging system working correctly to optimize your car’s performance and reliability.

Xpress Tire dealers sell replacement batteries that meet or exceed original equipment specifications for your vehicle.

For car batteries and other automotive parts, locate the most convenient Xpress Tire to you. Some locations may not sell batteries so check with your local dealer.

Many times car batteries die unexpectedly during times of high heat or extreme cold. Xpress Tire is here for you with over 100 locations, so there is always going to be one nearby.

If your battery has not been checked in the last 6 months and you do not need other regular maintenance, come into Xpress Tire and let us do a test to determine the state of health of your car battery.

Car batteries shouldn’t be a worry for you. Trust Xpress Tire to keep your car running!

And don’t forget to ask about our oil changes