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In the early 1970s, BFGoodrich® tire engineers took the bold step of demonstrating the superior qualities of their products through racing. Not only was the concept inventive, but so was the methodology – competing on the same tires sold to the public. Since then, they have rewritten record books and have become a household name in both consumer and racing tires.

Xpress Tire & Auto Service offers BFGoodrich® tires at a price that fits within your budget. Now, you can have the performance of a racing tire with a price tag of a discount tire.

Find the closest Xpress Tire to get your BFGoodrich® Tires.

Want long mileage and lasting value from your tires? Get that and more with BFGoodrich® tires.

BFGoodrich® tires means taking an adventure every time you are in the driver seat. The racing roots of BFGoodrich® bring everything to a tire you want-- long tread life, performance and fun. Whether you are looking for an everyday tire, sport, off-road, competition or winter, BFGoodrich® makes it!

Xpress Tire makes it possible to buy BFGoodrich® tires from your local auto shop at prices that compete with the chains. Our qualified tire technicians can help you pick the tire that is best for you, or you can use our online tire selector.

Tire shopping can be stressful, but not at Xpress Tire. We can get you into a new set of BFGoodrich® tires while saving you money.

Xpress Tire has a reputation of quality work and affordable prices. Our focus is on the customer and making sure you are satisfied with your purchase. On top of our deals on tires, we also offer competitive prices on our tire installation. We include:

  • Inspecting the lugs or wheel bolts
  • Installing new rubber valve stems (where applicable)
  • Mounting the tires
  • Balancing of the new tires on your wheels
  • Tightening the wheel lugs to the manufacturer recommended torque

There is no better place to buy your new BFGoodrich tires than at Xpress Tire.